About our anonymous hosting services

Web hosting service for users that want to keep their identity 100% anonymous.

What is anonymous hosting?

Web hosting service for users that want to keep their identity 100% anonymous.

What is private domain registration?

Our private registration service allows your domain not to show your personal data when any user queries the domain whois.

What you can and cannot host

You are allowed to host any legal content you want, we will never ask you. You cannot host any of the following contents: child pornography, violence or racist material, malware, phishing, unauthorized copies of copyrighted material. You cannot use our services for spamming, personal data theft, any kind of online fraud, hacking or causing any damage to other computers or the server you are hosted in. You are not allowed to sell any of the mentioned contents.

Any account we noticed that host ilegal contents will be suspended without refund.

Payment methods and billing

You can pay with most common credit or debit cards and using you PayPal account. Minimum billing cycle is one month, you can also pay quarterly, semi-annually, annually and even biennially, as you prefer.

High speed network and servers

Our servers are located in Europe: the Netherlands and France. We want the best service and latency for our customers so we cannot host you on China or Hong Kong although prices are lower there.

You can ping our servers for checking the latency: Europe 25-40ms and USA 60-80ms average.

All our servers are brand new Dell, HP or Supermicro.

About us

We are specialist in anonymous hosting since 2009. Our daily work and best effort is for giving you the best and fastest service. We provide 24x7 email support and services real time monitoring.